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Pond Aeration

Aeration is the amount of dissolved oxygen in your pond. It is the process of increasing or maintaining the oxygen saturation in your pond.  Pond aeration is the most important thing you can add to your pond to improve water quality, water clarity  and reduce algae and weed growth.

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What is Spectrum?

Spectrum rapidly consumes organic matter and detoxifies odorous compounds such as ammonia, organic acids and hydrogen sulfide. Spectrum is used frequently in outdoor ponds and lakes to purify dirty water, prevent algae proliferation and promote the healthy growth of fish and shrimp.

Service and Maintenance

Not interested in doing the maintenance yourself? Let us do it all for you. We will apply any applications to the pond for you. We can also maintain and service any aquipment to keep everything running as smoothly as possible while always having a beautiful landscape without the hassle.

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See how using Aeration and Spectrum together will help you create a clean, healthy and beautiful pond landscape without having to use chemicals.



I got my first 2 windmill units 8 years ago and was very impressed with it , my lake is 7.5 acres so I installed electric aeration to supply more dissolved oxygen. I never worry about the quality of fish or a fish kill.


Greencastle, IN

Before we moved to our place now and built our new lake, we previously had a lake with Aeration in it. I knew what aeration does to improve water quality, so I was so pleased to learn about Wehrman Aeration being right here in our back yard. After contacting them we installed an aeration system and am very pleased with it. Thank You!


Greencastle, IN

Since we installed an aeration system in the lake on our golf course the terrible smell has disappeared when we irrigate. The lake appearance has improved along with fish quality. Thanks for the advise.

Clover Meadows Golf

Cloverdale, IN