Solar Aeration

Solar Aeration is perfect for any pond or lake that does not have electricity at the shoreline. Our solar aeration systems run off of batteries, so you don’t need electricity.

Solar Aeration

Get A Clean, Healthy Pond Using The Power of The Sun

If you have a pond or lake that is remotely located, you can still have a quality aeration system that keeps your pond clean and clear all year round. Most importantly, solar is a completely “green” an eco-friendly option, requires very little maintenance, and runs day and night – even on cloudy days!

These patented battery backup systems are the ONLY solar aeration system that can operate day and night for as long as 20 hours.


Not sure which aeration system you need? Let us help by doing a Free Pond Analysis to determine what will best suit your needs.


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Solar features the same sound reduction package as our Electrical Aeration Systems, also making them extremely quiet. The 100% recycled plastic cabinet houses all of the critical components including the charge control system that monitors the solar panel array, the equipment load and the battery back-up system. The battery back-up enables the system to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. They are designed to operate 20 hours per day and has enough battery capacity to run up to 3 days without any solar input.

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 1 Acre

For Ponds & Lakes 2 Acres

For Ponds & Lakes 3 Acres

For Ponds & Lakes 4 Acres

Which Is Best For My Pond?

So, by now you may be concerned that these issues could affect your pond and you want to prevent them from happening, but are not sure how to select a pond aeration system. Let us help choosing the right aeration system with our FREE POND ANALYSIS.

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