Windmill Aeration

Diffused aeration systems have shown in independent testing to help in water quality restoration by adding oxygen to the water at any depth. Pond or lake aeration is the better choice for the environment as it reduces the need for chemicals to combat against problems caused by low oxygen that include algae and aquatic weeds, fish kills, poor water clarity, midge fly swarms, foul odors and bottom muck.

Get A Clean, Healthy Pond

This complete system efficiently pumps air into your pond, eliminating numerous issues like foul odors, mosquito hatches and bottom muck. Over time, it helps improve fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitats for a clean, healthy enviornment.


Not sure which aeration system you need? Let us help by doing a Free Pond Analysis to determine what will best suit your needs.


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Aerate your pond with the power of wind. Also makes for a great ornamental for your landscape by your pond. Multiple sizes that looks great and also provides the needed oxygen your pond craves.

Which Is Best For My Pond?

So, by now you may be concerned that these issues could affect your pond and you want to prevent them from happening, but are not sure how to select a pond aeration system. Let us help choosing the right aeration system with our FREE POND ANALYSIS.

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